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Track and Locate is one of the leading organisation in the emerging wireless
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Track and Locate offers following services:
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Welcome to Track and Locate the home of Mobile Phone Tracking, Man Down System, Man Down Solutions, SOS Tracking Solutions, Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Tracking Solutions, Container & Asset Tracking Solutions. If you are looking for Man Down Solutions, Man Down System, Real Time Tracking and Mobile Phone Tracking, SOS Tracking Solutions then this is the square one to the innovative world of Track and Locate Services.
5 March 2009:
Man Down Tracking Solution - LifeAssist - "World's best"   Life Assist is a new breed of mobile phone based technology that enables the mobile device and the Internet determine the welfare of a person.GPS Tracking, Real Time Tracking, Fleet Tracking and Vehicle Tracking Services Track and Locate supplies Self Serve, Web based vehicle tracking system and Trimble GPS hardware. All you need is to install the GPS units and you can start tracking from your own fleet tracking account on the Track and Locate website.
Our Tracking Services
    Fleet Tracking Solutions
    Vehicle Tracking Solutions
    Container Tracking Solutions
    Mobile Phone Tracking Solutions
    SOS Tracking Solutions
    Man Down Solutions
    Lower fuel costs
    Reduced overtime pay
    Boosted profits
    Increased employee productivity
    Efficient dispatching
    Improved customer service
    No more personal use of vehicles
Mobile Tracking has a standard Mobile Phone Tracking system called FootPrints.The FootPrints mobile tracking software is an advanced GPS tracking system that operates directly from your mobile phone to provide accurate live positioning and complete cell phone tracking history.
Live and historic tracking direct from your mobile phone

Unlike traditional GPS tracking units that require specialist devices or vehicle installation, the FootPrints personnel tracking software requires no additional equipment, but is simply downloaded to a compatible mobile phone. This means that when you leave your vehicle, the FootPrints mobile tracking system goes with you.
Self-managed personnel tracking and monitoring system from your PC

The FootPrints mobile phone tracking package uses the MobileTracking M2M platform, which provides a web based interface to control and manage all cell phones remotely, either from a designated monitoring company or individual computer. The M2M platform also provides for data storage, reporting, exception monitoring,alert and notification and uses the Microsoft Virtual Earth mapping system for displaying GPS data.

FootPrints mobile phone tracking offers the following advantages:

Real-time access to the exact location of your key personnel – not just their vehicle.

Records movement, speed & distance for efficient route mapping and accountability.

No expensive call centre fees – monitor independently from your office or PC.

Cost-effective and simple to use: once you have purchased the FootPrints software, you pay a low monthly service fee.

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All of the above GPS Tracking solutions work on the Track and Locate platform with a single login, which uses Microsoft Virtual Earth mapping platform.
Custom Development Services.

To order a trial of Vehicle Tracking | Fleet Tracking | Container Tracking | Asset Tracking | GPS Tracking | Real Time Tracking | Satellite Tracking | Please contact us on

With Life Assist application you can turn your Nokia S 60 series mobile phone into a smart Mobile Phone Tracking device.
LifeAssist application (Mobile Phone Tracking App) installed on of the shelf Nokia S 60 series mobile phones is all that is required to track, locate and spot the mobile phone on Microsoft Virtual Earth Mapping platform in real time. LifeAssist - mobile phone tracking application sets up the communication from the phone to the base station in real time. Once the application is configured, on all the tracked phones, you can from any GSM network,using the onboard GPS, locate and plot the mobile phone tracker with Lat n Long positions on the dynamic map which is part of the Control room front end application. The dynamic maps come bundled with the LifeAssist application. LifeAssist is a corporate Mobile Phone Tracking application unlike other company who use mobile phone tracking unethically. For more information please follow the link on NEWS. Our Mobile Phone Tracking application was selected as the LBSzone APP of the week on 4th March 2009.

If You Were In The Passenger Seat Of Every Vehicle Every Moment Of The Day, How Much More Efficient Would Your Fleet Operate?

The GPS vehicle tracking and historical reporting solutions offered by Vehicle Tracking Solutions allow you to be a silent passenger in all your vehicles, ensuring your clients the highest level of service. Our vehicle tracking systems can have a remarkable impact on your business. Efficient monitoring of your cars, trucks and other vehicles will keep you informed as to your fleet’s whereabouts, giving you the insight you need to enhance your competitive edge.

If You Manage A Fleet Of Vehicles, It’s Time To Consider Implementing A GPS Tracking System. With today’s tough economic times, it’s crucial for you to run your business as efficiently as possible. Vehicle Tracking Solutions can help you reduce operating expenses while increasing the number of service calls you complete each day. As a Track and Locatecustomer, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits. Here are just a few:


Track and Locate reports vehicle speeds at specified intervals

Don’t Take Our Word For It, See What Our Customers Are Saying!

Vehicle Tracking System

An advanced vehicle tracking system is a fully modular, scalable, management information solution that uses real-time GPS tracking to provide operational control and strategic management data designed to produce a more effective and profitable mobile workforce. By providing accessing real-time information and historical reporting, vehicle tracking provides operational control and remote worker security- powerful business changing strategic data can be reviewed with configurable reports.

Vehicle Tracking | Vehicle Tracker Solutions | Vehicle Tracking Systems

Real Time Tracking Systems GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems deliver precise vehicle movements in real time through the internet to your PC. This live vehicle tracking system enables its users to maximise vehicle and engineer utilisation, boost productivity, while reducing costs.

Your Vehicle Tracking information is delivered both in real time and historical format through detailed mapping and reporting leaving you in no doubt as to your fleets movements.

Our satellite tracking software is designed around simplicity and ease of use, this has often been commented on by clients as the "most user friendly" tracking software they have seen.

Any GPS tracking "solution" is not a GPS tracking "solution" unless the "solution" is tailored to the needs of your company and its fleet. Therefore it is critical that a GPS tracking company spends ample time to get to know you and better understand your fleet tracking needs and desires. Therefore, we ask that you forgive us for asking so many questions when you call. We have no desire to sell you a GPS tracking system that you will never use or regret having. However, we strongly desire to make certain we give you sound advice and only recommend our GPS tracking service when it will truly benefit you and your company.

GPS Fleet Tracking & GPS Tracking Solutions System

Customers who need a GPS Fleet Tracking & GPS Tracking Solutions System will usually regain their investment in 6 months. Often, when a problem is obvious, fleet owners realize savings from using our fleet tracking & management system almost instantly! For instance, one of our customers who ships regionally, recently reduced the idle time on one of his trucks from over 4 hours a day to just a few minutes! Reducing idle time for a diesel engine saves a gallon of fuel per hour. At 5 hours, eliminating idle time with GPS tracking saved them $25 daily on just one truck! You can visit our blog to read some of the stories provided by other GPS fleet management customers.

GPS Tracking | GPS Tracking Solutions | GPS Tracking Solution

Real Time GPS Tracking

Our Reliable GPS Tracking System

Our GPS Vehicle Tracking System allows fleet owners and individuals to track their vehicles in real time with a GPS tracking device. Using Microsoft BING Maps, our GPS Fleet Tracking System is easy-to-use, cost efficient, and available to our users from any computer connected to the Internet. GPS Fleet Management can be achieved by using the tracking software data to pull reports and view historical data that is sent from the GPS tracking device mounted
on the vehicle. provides GPS fleet vehicle tracking software and management systems that utilize GPS tracking devices and state of the art technology to keep you informed of the location of your vehicles right from the comfort of your office, home or anywhere you have access to the Internet. Our GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking Systems allow you to track your vehicle from any PC or Macintosh connected to the Internet. GPS Vehicle tracking is as easy as it gets with a GPS tracking device. Our Control Panel allows you to see the GPS coordinates of your entire fleet on a single map. Our GPS tracking software includes Quick Reports which allow you to export pertinent vehicle tracking data to Excel with a single click. offers an affordable alternative to more expensive GPS Fleet & Vehicle Tracking Management Systems.

Real Time GPS Tracking | Real Time Tracker | Real Time Tracking Solutions | Real Time Tracking System

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